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My latest series of works encompass photography, sculpture, video, sound and collage. All of these elements lend themselves perfectly to the art of recycling.


People always ask what sort of work I do. Rubbish, I say, somewhat annoyingly. I’ve taken the reuse agenda of my previous work in collage, video editing and assemblage, and this time wish to really interrogate why we throw things away – usually in very beautiful places. My new photographic series ‘Under the rubbish, the beach’ objectifies the daily detritus washed up on a beach in Spain; three sculptural projects – ‘Real Plastic Trees’, ‘Empire’ and ‘Three figures at a crucifixion’ offer humour where there should be none, and again highlight this mess were in; and, a remake project, ‘Junk’, based on found objects and street junk in which a ‘street class’ in sculpture will take place over a six-week period in the summer, are all at the heart of work that attempts to engage us (sometimes playfully) in being more awrae of the state of the planet we live on and in a lot of cases abuse.

I am looking for a gallery with which to work in developing an exhibition containing all of these elements called, ‘What do you think of the show so far?’

I have just completed the edition series, 10 x 10 (see link above).

Please contact me if you’d like to know more about any of the above.

Thx. Justin.